The One About Heaven (So-Called)

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Matt Rundio preached this sermon on the Sixth Sunday in Easter, 2019 (May 26, 2019). It includes a brief introduction to the genre of the book of Revelation, then looks at some of the imagery of “the end,” what many think of as “heaven.” We are drawn into hope, hear an invitation to remain faithful, […]

The One About a “New” Commandment

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“The One About a ‘New’ Commandment” is a sermon preached by Matt Rundio on the Fifth Sunday in Easter, 2019 (May 19, 2019). Here Jesus gives a “new” commandment – but what is new about it? And how might we love in a world where “cutoff” is such a temptation?

The One About Eternal Life (It is NOT What You Think)

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As sermon on the Fourth Sunday in Easter, May 12, 2019 (also Mother’s Day). The sermon explores the idea of “Eternal Life” and defines it differently than we might expect. The sermon was taken from John 10:22-30 and Acts 9:36-43. In some ways, it functions to help set up next week’s sermon. 

The One Where Jesus Makes Breakfast

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The sermon preached by Matt Rundio at Scottsdale First Church of the Nazarene on the Third Sunday in Easter, May 5, 2019. The sermon asks “Where is Jesus?” We often don’t see the Lord – where is God when things go wrong? From John 21:1-19