We want to be a good church – the best we can possibly be.  To that end we strive to be a listening, loving, living people.  But what do we do?

We gather for worship.  This is a spritual exercise; an act of listening.  We gather to listen to God, to be with, listen to, and love each other, and we hope our lives are impacted by being together and encountering God.

We gather in groups. Most official smaller group settings take place at 9am on Sundays or on Wednesday evenings at 7.  In these we hope to know one another more deeply so that we might love one another more fully.

We participate in “missions” of various kinds.  We collect money for important causes, we help the homeless, we work on our own grounds, we seek ways to meet needs in our immediate community.  We want to be a life-giving presence in our community – around the block and around the world.

We eat and play and laugh together.  We have potlucks often. We eat dinner on Wednesdays (at 6). We play games or watch movies together regularly.  We enjoy life with one another.

We do things together.  We want to foster an environment where there is strong unity amongst diversity: where race or gender or ethnic or generational boundaries are insignificant because we are one Christ.