With our youth group, we hope and pray to establish an atmosphere for teenagers at Scottsdale Nazarene that will assist young believers in pursuing a life shaped around loving, serving, and building community.

We go by a few names. SNAZY, which stands for Scottsdale Nazarene Youth, and The Underground because our youth room happens to be in the basement of the church.

We have established the following schedule for our Wednesday Night gatherings with brief descriptions of what we hope to accomplish in those nights:

1st Wednesday – Night of Prayer

My hope for these nights is to establish a habit of prayer amongst the students. We will obviously pray in the midst of our other Wednesday night gatherings, but this night will be dedicated to group prayer and individual time of prayer. It will look different each month, but the night may consist of written prayers, prayer requests, or centering prayers.

2nd Wednesday – Game Night

This one is pretty self-explanatory. It will consist of the youth group coming together to play goofy and fun board games. Now I know board games aren’t fun for everyone, so there will be other options as well. The point of this night is to have some fun with one another while building community within our group.

3rd Wednesday – Youth Gathering

During this night, we will have a brief youth service. This night will consist of a group game or singing with a message or group discussion regarding a piece of scripture. This will allow us a night, as a group, to dive into scripture and figure out how it applies to teenagers in this day and age.

4th Wednesday – Community Night

This night will consist of a fun group activity that takes us out of the church for the night. It may look like us going to Dave & Busters for the night or driving down to Sonic for drinks or ice cream. This is another night where we enjoy one another’s company and build the community within our group. This night is also a great one to bring friends who have never gone to church before.

We keep up-to-date on our Facebook group: SNAZY.